How Works is NOT a broker. is a better way to connect farmers and buyers. Buyers can contact farmers directly - no middleman. Farmers can advertise hay, produce and New Mexico Green Chile. has participating farmers and buyers locally and across the country.

Buyers and Site Visitors

  1. Anyone can visit to search for produce and hay for FREE anytime. Search locally or around the country to see what is available.
  2. To protect the privacy of farmers, serious buyers must register for a FREE account in order to contact farmers. We care about privacy.
  3. To register, all that is needed is a valid email address and your password. You will use the same email address and password each time you log on and need to contact a farmer.

Farmers and Advertising

  1. Farmers that are new to will get a free one-month trial. This free trial allows you up to 10 listings so that you can advertise multiple products or locations, if needed.
  2. No credit card information needed to activate your FREE trial.
  3. On day 27 of your free trial you will receive an email stating your free trial is about to end. You will have to decide your next step by day 30 and your choices are as follows:
    • Do nothing and all but your one free ad will expire and disappear. You will still have an account with so if you decide to advertise in the future all you have to do is log in.
    • You can choose to keep our free basic ad. It is a basic ad with a picture, some product information, and your contact info.
    • You can enter your credit card information and subscribe to our $12.99/month plan. This is the same plan that you had during your free trial which includes: up to 10 listings, a text box for detailed info, and your own farmer’s profile page with links to Facebook and Twitter. You will also be featured periodically on the Facebook page.
    • You can cancel anytime, update prices, location, quantity, etc. anytime and reactivate anytime.

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